Network Services

computer_network_land_wanYour network/server infrastructure is the MOST important part of your business.

Daniel IT Management will setup, configure and manage your network and server infrastructure.  

We will work diligently with vendors to have your network optimized and working when YOU need it.


Our suggestions:

  • VoIP Phone System
    • ringcentral-logo
    • We will help you setup, configure and train you to to manage your phone system from your browser, tablet, or phone.
  • Surveillance
    • geovision
    • We have 10 years experience with Geo-vision systems.  We can setup an analog or IP camera system that you can access from home or device.
  • Remote Access
    • cisco
    • We can give you access to your network or connect multiple locations with Cisco small business devices, which are very cost effective for small/medium size businesses.
  • Cloud Hosting
    • Hosting your servers in the Cloud is best practice for disaster recovery and accessibility.
    • We can setup, configure, and manage your environment to be available when YOU need it
      • We can manage your Windows domain, Exchange, or SQL Servers.
  • Connectivity and Telecom Management
    • We can help you with your T1, Cable, or DSL network.
    • We can help manage your telecom providers – we have worked with AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, Century Link – and even managed services groups like Megapath and GTT.


Let us  know how we can help you on your next project!