wordpress-developerYour website is an IMPORTANT part of your business.

Daniel IT Management will setup, update and maintain your website.  

We will work with your specifications to get you a website that fits your needs – while staying at a reasonable small-business cost.

Our suggestions:

  • WordPress
    • 2000px-WordPress_logo.svg
    • We suggest WordPress that has thousands of powerful plug-ins we can use to help create your website or application.
    • We suggest as a Payment Gateway for web based payment applications. They offer top notch security of your credit card data on every transaction.
  • Upwork
    • upwork
    • We have an established group of developers that we use with UpWork – we use them from time to time on on larger development projects.
  • Manager Complete
    • ManagerComplete-Logo
    • We have a partnership with Manager Complete to create, maintain and support Point of Sale applications.
      • These applications are built in .Net C# with a SQL server back-end that can handle anything a retail store would need to track: sales, time cards, employees, payroll, maintenance issues, recurring billing, etc.

Let us  know how we can help you on your next project!