cache_340486604Your computers are an INTEGRAL part of your business.

Daniel IT Management will setup, configure and manage your computers and devices.  

We will work with vendors to get you the BEST prices and top notch systems.


Our suggestions:

  • Computers
    • Dell-Logo_svg
    • We suggest Dell computers because of the value of their long-term support and quality of the parts in the systems they build.
  • Printers and other devices
    • We can work with any printer, copier, etc.  We suggest printers from Dell, Lexmark, HP, and Brother – depending on the type of printer and function that is needed.
  • Phones and Devices
    • ipad-iphone-logo
    • We suggest the iPhone and similar devices.
  • Microsoft
    • Microsoft_logo_(2012)_svg
    • We can help from Office, Exchange, SQL, and most other Microsoft related products.


Let us  know how we can help you on your next project!